What are you blogging about!?

What will we write about? Will this bring value to our clients? Will I have the time? Who will read this???

These were the questions plaguing my mind as our team prepared to release our new blog. As these questions went round and round in my mind, the Nike slogan interrupted my thoughts, “JUST DO IT!”

So here we are, with a little inspiration and a lot of teamwork Liguori Accounting is starting a new blog that will be focused on bringing valuable content to our clients and the wider community. Our blog topics will range from business financial advice, bookkeeping tricks and tips, tax, and other accounting topics. Each blog entry will be authored by one of our employees and reviewed by the team. This is not a solo project but a united effort by the team at Liguori Accounting.

Permit me to share a little history about Liguori Accounting. Nicholas Liguori began the business part time in 2017. In February of 2020, Nick made the decision that Liguori Accounting would become his full-time career. Shortly thereafter, the pandemic struck the nation but did not discourage the young business owner. Despite the uncertainty, Nick continued moving forward helping small and medium sized business owners achieve success. Now, with a team of four people Liguori Accounting continues to serve its clients and the wider community with the same unshakable commitment which started back in 2017.    

We are passionate about supporting business financial success and committed to educating our community on various accounting topics. This blog is another tool we can leverage to help fulfill this mission. 

Find us on Google to learn more about our commitment to businesses.  If you have any accounting topics you want to learn more about, click here to submit your response.

Post written by Dan Simard