How “Virtual CFO” Services Can Help You Grow Your Business

Every small business can benefit from the dedicated financial management expertise that comes with having a CFO. However, very few small businesses have the means to hire someone full time for this role, particularly in the lean early years. Often, it’s the first few years when a company is starting up that establishing good habits Read more about How “Virtual CFO” Services Can Help You Grow Your Business[…]

Small Business Audit: What to do if you get audited?

There are often negative emotions involved when you think of a small business audit, and rightly so. No business owner looks forward to a letter from the taxman requesting a closer look at the books. If you’ve received an audit letter, don’t panic. Prepare. These four steps will help you get through the process with Read more about Small Business Audit: What to do if you get audited?[…]

Small Business Cash Management Insights

Your business needs cash. Cash is what keeps your company in operation and enables it to grow. Therefore, it is important to know how much cash your business needs to survive. Although many people think the answer is linked solely to operating expenses, this isn’t the case. That’s why I thought it might be helpful Read more about Small Business Cash Management Insights[…]

Four Questions to Ask the Accountant

Ideally, you and your accountant are more than just “adviser” and “client”. With your combined skills, expertise, and shared mission to support a thriving business, you’re more like strategic partners. The key to achieving success in any partnership is, of course, strong communication. At your next meeting, be sure to ask the accountant these four Read more about Four Questions to Ask the Accountant[…]

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

A popular question we get is, what’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant? A good question! They both work with financial data and they’re both essential for managing a successful business. Yet the roles and duties of a bookkeeper and accountant are different. You may not be exactly sure of the differences between Read more about What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?[…]

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Want to avoid paying more than you should come tax time? Or a frantic last-minute search for missing financial records? This post is about providing guidance on tax planning for small business owners. New business owners have a lot on their plate, and can easily lose track of an approaching tax deadline or financial data Read more about Tax Planning for Small Business Owners[…]

Outsourced Bookkeeping Benefits

The outsourced bookkeeping benefits are numerous. These benefits include; working with an industry professional, receiving valuable financial guidance, saving time managing the finances, and saving money outsourcing the accounting function. Let’s talk about outsourced bookkeepers. Here are four benefits to hiring an outsourced bookkeeper to help you manage your business finances. Expertise An outsourced bookkeeper Read more about Outsourced Bookkeeping Benefits[…]

What are you blogging about!?

What will we write about? Will this bring value to our clients? Will I have the time? Who will read this??? These were the questions plaguing my mind as our team prepared to release our new blog. As these questions went round and round in my mind, the Nike slogan interrupted my thoughts, “JUST DO Read more about What are you blogging about!?[…]