October 11, 2022


Liguori Accounting is a New Hampshire based business providing small business owners a monthly outsourced bookkeeping solution. Monthly bookkeeping is one of the responsibilities small business owners worry over and sometimes neglect. Don’t worry or neglect, outsource!

Professional Bookkeeping

In this digital age, businesses can outsource most of its financial and accounting functions. This is especially true when it comes to bookkeeping. With online banking and cloud based bookkeeping software, like QuickBooks Online, outsourcing is not only possible but simple. Since these systems can be accessed remotely by anyone listed as an account user, accountants are now able to manage the books offsite. This is a huge change from your old school bookkeeper who came into the office every week.

Not only do the advancements in technology grant us access from anywhere, but it also provides automation functionality. Setting up automatic bank feeds, categorization rules, the right chart of accounts, etc. helps to automate and streamline the bookkeeping process but can take time and the right expertise to set it up properly.

Even after the right systems and processes are in place, owners can find themselves spending hours on weekly bookkeeping tasks. This takes time away from valuable business growth activities. Not to mention, owners often doubt whether the books are being managed correctly.

Bookkeeping for Peace of Mind

Furthermore, outsourcing the monthly bookkeeping with Liguori Accounting can bring tremendous peace of mind. Business owners work closely with a designated bookkeeper from our team. All communication relating to bookkeeping will happen between the client and their assigned bookkeeper. Our monthly bookkeeping services include the following:

  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Categorization of transactions
  • Monitoring accounts for unusual activity
  • Generating monthly financial reports
  • Managing accounts payable/receivable
  • Preparing payroll tax reports

Please note, more advanced services like accounts payable management, accounts receivable management, and payroll processing are not included in our standard monthly bookkeeping package. However, it can be included in the scope of services at the request of the client.

The Value

In addition, our clients love working with us for the value our services bring to their small business. Below are what clients find most valuable.

  • Peace of mind
  • Saved time & money
  • Increased financial literacy
  • More confident in the accuracy of the financials
  • Improved profitability

This is a short list of the value our services bring to small business owners. For more information and on the benefits of outsourcing the bookkeeping function read our blog post.

Fixed Fee Pricing

All services are charged at a monthly fixed fee price depending on the scope of services.

Our Solution

Many people work with and trust small business owners for their expertise. Similarly, Liguori Accounting is trusted by many small business owners to effectively outsource their monthly bookkeeping and other accounting functions.

Finally, our promise is to always work to ensure the bookkeeping is no longer stressful but stress free! See the difference our monthly bookkeeping services can make. Contact us today to start the conversation or schedule a meeting with Dan!

Interested in learning more?

Learn how Liguori Accounting can help your business thrive! Fill out the form below to start a conversation with our team. Please note, Liguori Accounting provides tax services to business owners subscribed to a service tier. Our firm is not a good fit for businesses looking for tax preparation and filing as a standalone service apart from its full-service outsourced accounting tiers.